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website designing Company in Delhi There was a time when the users accessed website only on the computer and the choices of browsers were also very limited. Internet evolved and so did the web design needs. Today, it is all about responsive web designing. So what exactly is a responsive web design? We access the websites on our laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets and even on smart TVs. A responsive web site design is such which provides a consistent interface across a wide range of devices. In other words, irrespective of the device on which the website is being accessed, user should experience the ease of navigation and reading all the time. From the business owners’ perspective, they should not have to invest in the creation and maintenance of separate websites for different platforms. Here are the benefits of responsive web site designing.


As already mentioned, the responsive web site designs are offer extreme flexibility. Regardless the screen resolution and the type of device on which the display is being rendered, the websites provide equal convenience of navigation, reading, and interaction. While a normal web designing process does not guarantee the perfect finish on all devices, responsive web designing surely does.


If you have a website which is consistent across all the device platforms, you will not need to create and maintain multiple websites. Apparently, one website will cost you much less than two. The amount of money your business can save with a single and uniform website could be quite substantial. The website which is designed only for mobile devices does not offer the same ease of navigation as that of a computer website. Also, you may need to keep two web addresses for two sites.

Easy to Manage

If you have two separate websites for mobile and desktops, you will also need to manage two different SEO campaigns for each. Undoubtedly, managing a single site and a single campaign is far easier. While SEO strategy for mobile devices is definitely different, it does not mean that you need to maintain two different sites for that. The mobile SEO strategies can be easily incorporated in the responsive web designing.

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Every business has specialized needs for a website design and development. At Thevar Tech, our team of experts understands your business needs and ensures an optimized web design in complete synch with it.

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